Clinical Quality & Data Committee

Frequently Asked Questions

Is NCTA up and running?2022-06-14T20:01:49+00:00

Yes, NCTA is fully functional and will continue to add more educational resources on key issues in cancer in the coming months. It has begun to build its Clinically Integrated Network (CIN), which will provide direct contracting for all oncology services and data driven informational studies to promote transparency around the cost of care.

Has NCTA engaged employers in the organization’s development?2022-06-14T20:02:18+00:00

The NCTA team has spoken with dozens of employers and health care purchasing organizations across the country. They have learned that there is a tremendous need for innovations that put employers and employees first: boosting quality and improve patients’ experience with cancer care and reducing costs.


Is NCTA membership open exclusively to members of COA?2022-06-14T20:02:50+00:00

No. NCTA membership is open to all high-performing oncology practices in the United States. Practices do not have to be a member of COA to join NCTA, but must be committed to delivering affordable, high-quality, and locally accessible cancer care to employers and their employees.

How can NCTA improve upon a broken drug benefits system dominated by large PBMs?2022-06-21T17:57:46+00:00

For decades, employers have utilized pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) with little to show for it. NCTA’s Clinically Integrated Network will create transparency in drug benefit design and delivery where there currently is none and a first-rate treatment experience in patients.

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